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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Blog 2009

I'll be live blogging tonight in between online chatting with my college buddies, "The Mad Sheep" (Sheep! Sheep! Sheep! No Wool! BAAAA!!!!).

My outfit this evening consists of a pair of sweatpants by "Phat Farm" and an "I <3 Boxed Wine t-shirt". Who are YOU wearing?

There is roasted chicken and mashed potatoes on the crafts service table in my humble home, and the wine is flowing freely.

Here are my thoughts on the Red Carpet and the awards show. I'll also be sharing some Academy Awards trivia as well. Enjoy.

- I think the "Glamastrator" on the E network is possibly the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Even worse than election night holograms on CNN.

- Oscar trivia fact #32 - Every actor who has ever won for Best Supporting Actor has been hit by an ice cream truck at some point in their lives.

- Amanda Siegfried (Mamma Mia) clearly sees that Ryan Seacrest is a complete tool and is having none of it.

- Oscar trivia fact #27 - Penelope Cruz is afraid of cheese. Ryan Seacrest is terrifying her as I write this.

- Oscar trivia fact #71 - Nobody with the middle name "Charlemagne" has ever won an Oscar except for Shirley Charlemagne Temple.

- I wonder how much the "low budget" production number really cost when you factor in the costumes and the union wages for the set and prop crew?

- Dustin Lance Black's acceptance speech for Milk was beautiful and moving. I'm glad he won.

- Wait. That guy who won for "La Maison en petits cubes" isn't French.

- Ben Stiller is hilarious. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I absolutely loved Tina Fey and Steve Martin's presentation.

- Beyonce can do anything except fail.

- Why are documentaries and shorts so inaccessible? I would love to watch them prior to the awards ceremony!

- Stop the action movie montage and bring back Beyonce, please.

- Yay Sean Penn.

- Weird. Charo is presenting Best Motion Picture.

(Just checking to see if you stayed with me till the end. Good night!)