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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Howdy Y'all

Hey - I have been in Texas for the past week getting tan and swimming and getting to know my adorable 5 month old niece. My 5-year old nephew and I hunted for treasure in the swimming pool with a treasure map I brought him. We laughed our heads off.

I have tons of stories. But tomorrow I am leaving for a camping trip in eastern Oregon with The Handsome Prince and The Math Whiz. I'm sure I'll have even more stories to tell.

This morning my dad was taking me to the airport and we blew a tire. Guess who changed the tire? Yours truly. It was scary on a busy Dallas freeway with cars whooshing by, but last year I learned how to change a tire in less than 30 seconds when I signed up for a pit crew training session. My dad was probably shocked when I told him to let me take over the tire-changing process, and I was super speedy. He would never say so, but I think he was kinda proud of me. My father's idea of a compliment is, "Well, son, you have done a lot of things to disappoint me, but at least you have never been on drugs." Thanks, Dad!

If you are interested in listening to my podcast with Pony, check out the Todd & Pony Show. (You don't need an iPod to listen.) We got lots of great comments on our latest show, "The Chris Murray Episode". Several listeners have agreed it is our best show yet, and I think we owe much of the credit for that to charming (and cute) Chris Murray, Juju's husband. You'll love Chris (who I call Metro on this blog). Juju challenged us with a game to see who was the gayest of the three guys. You'll be surprised how it turns out. Maybe....

See you soon!
Hot Toddy

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Drip Pan

This morning I got up and did laundry since I gave Olga (my laundry maid) the week off. Then I tried Morningstar Farms Breakfast Starter (Classic Scramble). That was delicious. I love that I can have potatoes and onions and peppers in my breakfast scramble without having to chop anything.

On to more mundane news. I make coffee in a French press every morning because I love the taste of rich dark coffee. The stronger the better. This morning I noticed that the little "drip pan" (is that what it's called?) under the burner needed to be cleaned. So as the water for my coffee boiled on another burner, I removed the drip pan (I think that's what you call it) and decided that, after I poured the boiling water into the French press, I'd used the remaining water to give that drip pan (I'm calling it that. Try to stop me.) a really good cleaning.

Once the water boiled, I began dumping it onto the drip pan (This is so liberating. Maybe I created a new word?!) and watched the black gunk just drip away. I was really getting into it. So much so that I dumped all the boiling water onto the Drip Pan (I feel powerful. Like God or Harry Potter).

I then realized I had forgotten to pour any of the water into my French press. So I began the process over again.

Isn't that the zaniest story you've ever heard? I should tell that story at parties. I would be such a hit.

I can't think of anything truly zany to report, so for today that's all you get. Just a trivial and mundane story about the hurdles I faced in preparing my morning coffee. Tomorrow I may tell you about a truly wacky experience I had making toast one time. I tell ya, it's a laugh a minute around here.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Completely Random Story

Last night this guy I like gave me a flag of Denmark, and then he drove me home and I kissed him.

This morning, a truck filled with tomatoes drove by my apartment, and I felt a strong temptation to jump out of my third floor window into the tomatoes. I thought about how fun it would be to wrap my naked body in the Danish flag before jumping into the tomato truck.

I would get to appear on the evening news for that stunt for sure.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It has been a while since my last post. However, contrary to the rumors, I was not in rehab. I don't wanna go to rehab. No, no, no.

I was thinking about this blog this morning as I washed dishes. (Perhaps it's the kitchen appliance connection. I don't know.)

There has been a serious lack of content here. But there are other places to find out what's going on with Hot Toddy you know.

Seriously, how much time do I really want to spend talking about myself? I mean, sure, it's fascinating to me, but why does anyone else care that I was having drinks with a guy who told me his hand was fake even though it wasn't, and I believed him?

Who really gives a rip if The Bears (my softball team) are 5-1 so far this season. (For my loyal longtime readers who have stuck with me since before I knew what a softball was, that means we've won five and lost one.)

Blogs are taking a back seat to more interactive communications methods, don't you think? YouTube and podcasts and video blogs are where all the action seems to be now. Sure, I will keep this little toaster oven fired up, because I still enjoy writing. Good old-fashioned words spelled correctly and placed in order to make sentences. That's what I'm talking about.