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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I wrote this post with as little help as possible

These are my own words and nobody else's. I take full responsibility for the thoughts expressed here.

I just want everyone to understand that your word is your bond. When Barack and I moved into The White House, we promised our daughters a puppy, and we delivered on that promise. Also, I saw Finding Dory today and the whole story is highly implausible. I don't understand how Dory knew how to read. I guess the only limit to one's achievements are the strength of one's dreams and the willingness to work for them.

I think tomorrow I'll wear a sleeveless dress that shows off my arms.

Monday, July 18, 2016

So you want a food blog...

No you don't. Neither do I.

My friend Curfew asked me to start blogging some of the Paleo recipes I've been making, but I just can't do it. As a man who once wrote a post about how much I hate making pancakes, it would just be hypocritical to write a food blog.

I'll tell you some stuff I like, though, and you can always google it yourself. Or maybe I can add a link now and then. Last night I enjoyed a very close representation of some twice-baked sweet potatoes with kale and onion. Except that I used yams. And they fell apart and were mushy because I think I overcooked them.

Last night I enjoyed mashed yams still in the skin with kale and onion.
That's more honest.

How are you, old friend?

I'm reading Hemingway. I'm listening to Music for Dining in Space.

I'm watching The Paradise, but it is very silly and a waste of my time. It's like a dumbed down Downton Abbey with no intrigue or Maggie Smith.

I'm eating organic, grass-fed, free-range, hormone-free good stuff.

A year ago I quit drinking. It was time to stop.

My work is fulfilling. There are many lonely people with mental illnesses and disabilities who just need to get out of the house and have a good time now and then. So that's what I handle for them.

I moved to Minnesota six years ago, and I worry that it has made me less funny. Maybe writing again will determine whether or not that's true. I'm pretty sure I'm still a weirdo, though. So there's that.

Thanks, Pua and Charlotte and Aub and Deidre and Todd for saying you'd still read me after all these years. Let's see how it goes, okay? I'm changing the settings back to public viewing. It's like coming out all over again!