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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I'm drowning in paperwork! I'm overwhelmed with job applications, student loan deferment instructions, unemployment stuff, 401k and pension documents, COBRA papers, Health Savings Accounts and bank account information. No wonder I haven't felt like reading anything more complicated than an issue of Entertainment Weekly lately.

I had a fantastic week in Galveston, Texas visiting family and then spent another 4 days at Auburn Pisces home enjoying her air conditioning and swimming pool (not simultaneously).

So, I guess vacation is over, if it's really possible to take a vacation from being unemployed. Wouldn't taking vacation from unemployment mean working somewhere for a while? Ah, well. That's not what happened. I spent lots and lots of time in the sun and swimming pool. I laughed with my family and ate lots of delicious food.

Now back to my piles of paperwork.

By the way, that picture above was taken in Tokyo in 2006. I think my life right now feels even more overwhelming than a neon night in Tokyo!