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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Drip Pan

This morning I got up and did laundry since I gave Olga (my laundry maid) the week off. Then I tried Morningstar Farms Breakfast Starter (Classic Scramble). That was delicious. I love that I can have potatoes and onions and peppers in my breakfast scramble without having to chop anything.

On to more mundane news. I make coffee in a French press every morning because I love the taste of rich dark coffee. The stronger the better. This morning I noticed that the little "drip pan" (is that what it's called?) under the burner needed to be cleaned. So as the water for my coffee boiled on another burner, I removed the drip pan (I think that's what you call it) and decided that, after I poured the boiling water into the French press, I'd used the remaining water to give that drip pan (I'm calling it that. Try to stop me.) a really good cleaning.

Once the water boiled, I began dumping it onto the drip pan (This is so liberating. Maybe I created a new word?!) and watched the black gunk just drip away. I was really getting into it. So much so that I dumped all the boiling water onto the Drip Pan (I feel powerful. Like God or Harry Potter).

I then realized I had forgotten to pour any of the water into my French press. So I began the process over again.

Isn't that the zaniest story you've ever heard? I should tell that story at parties. I would be such a hit.

I can't think of anything truly zany to report, so for today that's all you get. Just a trivial and mundane story about the hurdles I faced in preparing my morning coffee. Tomorrow I may tell you about a truly wacky experience I had making toast one time. I tell ya, it's a laugh a minute around here.

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Chris said...

You're always good for a laugh :)

Zora told me to tell you she hopes to see you Sunday :*