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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hey, Good Lookin'

Recently there was a flurry of activity in an area of my apartment that sees very little action. I am speaking, of course, of my kitchen.

It is not easy for me to get excited about cooking, since I generally explode or burn food when I attempt to heat it in any fashion. But when my cute and sweet friend, The Golden Boy, came over to make me dinner, I realized I had quite an appetite.

I pretended to pay attention as he showed me how to create a special stir fry/pasta concoction, but I have little confidence that I'll ever successfully duplicate the dish. Still, it was heavenly to have a hot man make me a hot meal.

My friendship with him has been growing ever since he returned to Portland from living in Honolulu and New York City last year. Last weekend we were up half the night as we sat by a swimming pool talking about life and love under a full moon.

Those are the moments I live for.

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