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Monday, June 08, 2009


Wow. I can't believe I have let another two months go by without an update? I would love to say that I've been terribly busy interviewing for jobs, but that's just not true. While I have been very busy scouring job postings and networking with associates, I've actually had only a few interviews. Oregon's unemployment rate is among the highest in the nation. In March, we had the second highest rate in the nation.

What is keeping me going? My beautiful friends and supportive family. (That's my friend Torrey in the picture above) I believe this will turn around. I am keeping positive. I am cultivating a zen mindset. I am watching an awful lot of Bravo television and thank God every day that I am not a real housewife of New York or Atlanta or Orange County or New Jersey.

Yesterday a friend asked if I'd be blogging again soon, and he told me he really missed reading my posts. So this is for you MiLo. Thanks for the hug and kiss and kind words yesterday at Latino Pride! I didn't quite get the whole wrestling exhibition theme, but I had a good time hanging out with you for a bit!