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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wow, that was quite a vacation. My experiences in Texas were worlds away from my hiking trip in Oregon.

In Texas I went with my family to the McKinney Ice Cream Cranker festival. In eastern Oregon I played canasta by a mountain lake.

In Texas, I tried not to argue about politics or race with my father. In the Eagle Cap wilderness I drank peppermint schnapps by a campfire.

In Texas, I floated on a raft in the swimming pool for hours at a time. In the wilderness I could barely catch my breath as I hiked the seven miles to the top of the trail.

In Texas, I wore swimming trunks 24 hours a day. In Oregon I wore layers of slightly damp clothing and carried 35 pounds on my back.

There were good and bad moments on both trips. But I am so glad for each experience. I hope to post some pictures soon. Good to be back!

How are you?

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Jess said...

I'm super! Thanks for asking! ;-)

Seriously, all is well. And it's only two weeks until a certain someone's birthday, and we're looking forward to being there for it. We just won't try to keep up with him (or you, for that matter) in consuming celebratory liquids. That could be dangerous!