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Monday, December 03, 2007

Lithuania, here I come

After watching The Amazing Race last night, I have decided I want to go to Lithuania. I know almost nothing about the country, so I am going to have to check Wikipedia right away. Still, it looked beautiful and charming.

Great. One more country to add to my ever-growing list of travel destinations. Someday I want to return to Scandinavia. I fell in love with Sweden, but I only got to spend one day in Oslo, Norway. Since I'm Norwegian, I figure I should go back and spend a week or more in my "homeland". (Yes, I've seen the Mastercard commercial where the poor old man spends all that time in Norway only to discover he's actually Swedish!)

Someday I hope to see Australia. And I still haven't seen any of the UK!

My time in Paris, France was wonderful. I studied at La Sorbonne for a summer in college, and I really would love to go back and see more of France.

I would love to see Fiji someday too. Also, another trip to Africa would be great. I went to Kenya and filmed documentaries for a film crew years ago (I was a broadcast communications major in college) but I didn't see any other countries in Africa. I would love to visit South Africa someday.

For now, I guess I will just walk 2 miles to work in Portland, Oregon and call it a day.

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