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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy Freakin' New Year

About time 2008 went bye-bye. There is much to look forward in 2009...

So, my blog got derailed a couple years ago due to a serious lawsuit involving a friend and my former employer. My not-so-serious blog somehow became a serious witness or serious piece of evidence or something, and I came under serious scrutiny. Seriously. One day a co-worker who worked for an upper-level executive whispered to me, "be careful...they are watching you..."

How scary and James Bond-y!!! So I went under deep cover and kept writing under the pen name David Sedaris. I wrote "When You are Engulfed in Flames" under that name - perhaps you read it? Okay, not really. I didn't go under deep cover and keep writing - I became a scared little child and trembled in fear and started posting You Tube videos instead of thoughts and words from inside my head and heart. You understand that I had to do it, right? I had to play by the rules in order to keep my job. So I played by the rules 100 percent. I did the right thing. I stopped blogging.

As a reward for following the rules I was laid off in October. Actually, the job officially ended on 12/31 for me and 27 other souls at Company X. We were all assured it was not a performance-based decision. And it most definitely had nothing to do with blogging (a more liberal blog policy was recently put into place at Company X). No, we're just 28 more victims of this wacky zany recession.

The good news is that I finally feel I can blog without paranoia. (I know of a couple people who were fired for blogging at work - and I knew people were scrutinizing my blog so I pretty much stopped writing altogether.) I don't put "Hot Toddy" on my resume, so I think I can remain anonymous to a certain extent.

Anyway - I am looking forward to the next phase in my life. Who knows what will come my way? No, really. I'm asking. Who knows? I'm sure one of you out there has gotten wind of my storyline for 2009. Do I get a great job? Do I find a great man? Does the island somehow get moved back to its former location so Jack and Kate can find it? (No, you're wrong. LOST definitely IS part of my storyline - if you saw how obsessed I am....)

So I am sitting here with a piece of Nicorette parked between my gum and my cheek and am really happy to be back on the Interwebs. It will be fun to have the freedom to write again without fear of beheading, termination or syphilis. Look for more real soon.