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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Why I Love Softball Tournaments

Cascade Cup 2006

I love softball tournaments because...
You can get your picture taken with your team, although, if you're 6'6" you have to stand all the way in the back.

Cubs 2006

Just because it's a competition doesn't mean you have to take yourself seriously.

The groundskeeper for the stadium made sure everything looked beautiful. I watched him the whole day just to make sure he was doing his job.

Trust me. I didn't take my eyes off him.

The drinks at our closing ceremony were very stiff.

Really, really stiff. I'm serious.

My friend Christina won MVP and I think my hair looks really cute in this picture where I'm getting up to hug her.

I'm happy she won, but I'm ecstatic about my hair.

And the number one reason I love softball...


Thanks to Jim for the great photos!

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