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Monday, March 26, 2007

Fighting with the Homeless

If you want to hear about how I almost got in a fight with a homeless person this week, then you will have to listen to the Todd & Pony Show. This is our mean show titled "Oh, Bite Me!"

You don't need an iPod to hear the show. You can listen right there on the website.

This weekend I hosted a little slumber party at my apartment. In addition to playing cards and doing typical party activities (being intentionally vague, of course) I served up some food. I made scallops wrapped in bacon and did not explode anything. I whipped up a spicy mayo too.

When I told all of this to Auburn Pisces last night she turned to me with a shocked expression on her face and said, "Who are you?" By the way, she posted her update about the birthday weekend we spent at the coast with our friends and our special guest Pua!

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