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Monday, March 12, 2007

More Grace

Little did I know when I posted that last entry that my sister would name her first baby girl "Grace" a few days later. My very first niece was born on Friday, and I am so in love with that little girl. Grace is so beautiful. I will meet her in person this summer.

Speaking of grace, I had the honor of meeting Pua in person this weekend. There are no words to describe this woman's grace. If there is a soul on earth with a kinder heart and warmer spirit, I haven't met them.

Pua came to celebrate AP's birthday with our gang, and she permanently moved into my heart as a cherished "real-life" friend. We shared loads of laughter, and a few tears throughout the weekend. Saying goodbye to her as we listened to waves crashing on the Oregon coast stung my heart. But I know I will see her again soon.

As tears fell, we hugged each other tightly. "Can we just say 'see you soon' instead of goodbye?" I asked my friend.

"Aloha," she whispered in return.

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TSM-terrifically superiorily mediocre said...

I wasn't ready to get all emotional. I love how you do that to me.