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Monday, February 04, 2008

Meeting Tonya

This just in.

Tonya Harding is planning on attending Tonya & Nancy on opening night.

As the cast rehearses the show, I feel confident that Tonya would approve. There are some very heartfelt moments that will help the audience to see Tonya as the human being that she is.

She made some mistakes. Personally, I wouldn't want my life to be played out in the media the way hers was. I'm sure most of us wouldn't come off smelling like a rose if publicizing our faults made for a good news story.

I'm interested to meet her and am looking forward to performing the show for Tonya Harding. Nancy Kerrigan, I've heard, has said she does not want to be involved in the show in any way.

The next couple weeks before opening night are sure to be a wild ride.

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