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Monday, February 18, 2008

Orange and Purple

Today I am wearing orange and purple together. Why? Because I feel like wearing orange and purple. They don't match well. I look ridiculous. Like a clown.

I need to feel like a clown today because I have been rehearsing for the show and am recording a podcast today. I have not done laundry or gone to the grocery store for 2 weeks, and I doubt I will accomplish either task today either. I seriously need to spend some time reviewing a few of the songs in the show because everything sounds completely different with the band. Rehearsing with a piano sounds nothing like rehearsing with electric guitars and drums. Tomorrow I am back at the office and then rehearsal, and that will continue for the rest of the week. Tylenol PM helps me shut off my brain at night, but I still fall asleep with songs from the rock opera running through my head.

When I have lots of obligations, I start to feel pent up. I want to be free of all commitments. But that isn't a realistic way to live. So I am just going to wear orange and purple together.

Tonya told our director that she would like to have drinks with the cast after the show. We open Thursday!

That is the update for those of you who cared enough to ask. It touches me that people are still out there reading even though I rarely update lately! Thank you!

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