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Monday, October 03, 2005

Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Sausage

Dreams can be so crazy. I can't stand sausage thiefs.

Last night I had a dream that my friend, Christian, died. The thing is, I don't know anybody named Christian. But coping with his death was traumatic in my dream. Christian had given me some sort of Chinese engraving made out of jade. Maybe I had that dream because I talked to Kiks yesterday. (No, he's not dead. He's Chinese)

The best dreams, for me, usually involve a visit to Paris. I have Paris dreams quite frequently. In many of these dreams I spontaneously decide to hop on a flight to France some Friday afternoon and fly back to the states on Sunday evening. In one dream the trip was so impulsive that I didn't have any clean clothes for the journey, so I brought my laundry bag to Paris and decided to just wash my clothes when I got there.

My favorite dreams, lately, involve just being with Thor. Sometimes the dreams happen while I'm awake, like when Auburn Pisces was doing a house blessing ritual for Juju and Link Friday night. While participating in the ritual, I had such a strong daydream about the day that Thor and I move into a home together someday.

I don't always remember the details of my dreams about Thor. I just wake up with a feeling of safety, and I know that we were together in my dream. When we're actually back together in our waking hours, I'll never take his companionship for granted. Just being in the same room with him will make my world so much brighter.

"In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities."
-- Janos Arany

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