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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


1. My mother, upon finding out that I am going to Tokyo in January, asked if I could hand out fliers on the street for a new business she's involved with. They plan on launching their product in Japan next year, and she thought it would be good if I could start getting the word out.

2. Marcus, who had drinks with me in Las Vegas at Hamburger Mary's, made a point of telling me he was straight. He spent the rest of the night taking me to local gay bars, buying me beer, rubbing my back, and pouting when I said I didn't want to go dancing at a gay nightclub. He drove me back to my hotel and asked if he could join me inside for a nightcap. A straight nightcap, mind you, but I still said no.

3. I stood in line behind a lady ordering lunch at a local deli. She asked for a Cobb Salad. "Do you want everything on that?" asked the girl behind the counter. "I don't know," replied the woman. "What do you put on a Cobb Salad that I don't like?"

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