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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Fetus Cocktails

Last night I was sitting with Willie at the bar and a guy came up beside me and ordered the strangest thing.

I turned to this stranger (strangers are just friends we haven't slept with yet) and asked, "Did you just order a Human Embryo?"

He looked at me like I was some kind of weirdo, which I'm not. I am not just some kind of weirdo; I am a very specific kind of weirdo.

So, in response to my very reasonable question, "Did you just order a Human Embryo" this guy acts like a prissy queen and rolls his eyes at me. Then he walks off to look for people who would apparently treat him like the royalty he thinks himself to be.

Yes, sometimes I say random things to people just to see what they will do, but this time it really wasn't a pick-up line or even an attempt to make casual conversation. I just needed to clear up this crazy situation. I swear he ordered a Human Embryo. So, I had to call J the Bartender over and asked him what that guy had ordered.

So Bartender J tells me what the guy ordered. Now, don't you think Amber Ale sounds a little bit like Human Embryo? Just a little?

No? Well, it sounded like Human Embryo to me. If you ever order an Amber Ale I'll bet you can't do it without thinking about this story from now on.

This incident begs the question, if I can't even understand English, what the hell am I doing traveling to Japan where they speak Chinese or Korean or whatever?!?

(I leave on Monday!)

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