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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Gomen Nasai (So Sorry!)

Sorry for not writing much on this trip! You can't believe all we are doing. We have three days left before we return home.

I have one quick story and then I have to go because Metro is standing behind me waiting for me to finish typing and he is sweating (it has been several hours since our last metal arcade fix). You can read more about medal arcades in gcb's blog.

So, the other day we're shopping and I was hungover. Those are two themes of this trip. Shopping and hangovers. Anyway, I bought a Japanese grab bag that had this little envelope taped on the outside. Inside the envelope were several little capsules. "I hope to god these are energy pills," I exclaimed as I popped a couple of them in my mouth and downed them with water. Superman stared at me incredulously. "Did you just take pills from a grab bag? Pills you can't even identify?"

I figured nothing too terrible could happen to me. And there was a chance the pills would cure my hangover or give me energy. I continued exploring the strange items in my grab bag. Chips and candies and crackers, mostly. I finished looking at everything in the bag and realized there was a theme. I told Superman that I had a theory maybe the pills I took were candy. He started laughing hysterically. I have never seen him laugh so hard. When I put another couple pills in my mouth, I tried biting into them. Chewing gum. It was chewing gum. Superman nearly choked to death as he laughed at my mistake.

The gcb and Grizzo are doing a great job of writing about all the details of our days. I suggest you go visit this blog if you want to be updated on our trip - there are several entries to read, although for the most part the entries are boring because I am only mentioned a couple times.

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