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Thursday, August 31, 2006


I'm a bit nervous about this weekend. I'm going to be driving up to Vancouver, BC with the Toddtender for a softball tournament. We're also going to be sharing a hotel room.

The reason I am nervous is because Toddtender and I have never spent more than a few hours together. Spending an entire weekend with him might be a problem.

You know how sometimes people get tongue-tied if they are in the presence of someone really hot? There is this uncomfortable feeling that you can't be yourself. You don't know what to say. Sometimes your palms get sweaty and your mouth feels dry. Sometimes you have butterflies in your stomach.

Well, if this happens, it will make for a long, quiet, uncomfortable drive to Canada. It will be unbearable sharing a hotel room with such awkwardness and nervousness in the air.

I just hope the Toddtender can relax and be himself, even though he will be in the presence of someone as hot as I am.

Hopefully, he'll realize I'm just a normal guy who happens to be pretty.

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