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Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Egg Explosion

After spending a loooooong holiday with my family at Walt Disney World, I've returned home to my sweet hometown of Portland, Oregon. My Orlando Christmas was jam-packed with activities such as trying to reign in my 63-year-old "Disney Fast Pass" obsessed father and attempting to get my darling mother to stop giving me money. (Every time I turned around she was shoving twenties at me) - "Mom, stop giving me money, I'm okay!"

Due to tornadoes in TX, many flights routed through Dallas were cancelled, so I returned home two days later than expected. I finally rolled into town late yesterday and promptly jumped onto my couch for a nap so I'd be ready for New Year's Eve festivities.

I woke up at 10:30 pm, and I felt like I'd been run over by Cinderella's carriage. So I turned in for the night, sad to know I'd miss ringing in the new year with friends, but thankful to be at home in my wonderful apartment sanctuary.

This morning I kicked off the new year right with a big explosion in my kitchen. Did you know that if you peel hard-boiled eggs and then heat them in the microwave for one minute you can create an egg bomb? As I used a spoon to cut a freshly microwaved egg in half, I heard a loud pop (Happy New Year!), and my face was sprayed with hot egg yolk confetti. Fortunately, I was wearing my glasses, so my eyes were protected from the yolk.

Is this an indication of things to come in 2007?

Hope your 2007 is safe and happy! Be careful of eggs.

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