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Monday, January 08, 2007

Nine Days of Bliss

Obviously I did not make a resolution to blog more often.

Even though I haven't written lately, life has been very fulfilling. Honestly, I haven't felt any pressure to write, and the first nine days of January have been blissful.

Last week I was at home one evening, and I watched two episodes of Neat on Discovery Home that motivated me to jump off the couch and begin purging my apartment of clutter. Two full trash bags were carried out to the dumpster that evening.

My closet is getting emptier. I've begun the process of "retiring" my big baggy clothes. Because I'm oddly concerned about hurting my clothes feelings, I take them out one last time before I trash them. I've worn some really baggy clothes to CC Slaughters in the past few weeks, but everything I've trashed has had a goodbye party so at least I don't feel as guilty.

My belt is tightened to the last hole now.

I threw out some stuff that a couple ex-boyfriends gave me. Items that once held emotional significance for me had started to feel more like burdens I felt obliged to store on someone else's behalf.

It feels good to throw out stuff that no longer fits my body, but it feels better to throw out stuff that no longer fits my heart.

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