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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Open Letter to Big Red Dave

From: Todd, the STAR of the Todd & Pony Show
To: Big Red Dave
Subject: Your Complete Awesomeness

Dave -

We can't thank you enough for being our very first donor! Someone almost beat you to the punch, but not quite.

Last week I received word from a listener in Uganda who said she wanted to transfer a million dollars into my bank account because her father died in some revolutionary action there, but I haven't heard back from her since I faxed my social security number and bank account numbers to her. So, because of her procrastination, you are officially the first Todd & Pony Show donor. (I keep accidentally typing "fist donor" and am trying to figure out if that is some sort of Freudian slip)

Thank you, Dave! We will be sure to mention our deep love for you and all things big and red on our next show. We will be happy to send the accolades of our listeners your way, so we'll be sure to link to your website when we post our show next week. (When I say "we", of course I mean "Pony - with little or no assistance from Toddy")

Hugs & Kisses,
Todd & Pony


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