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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Oh, God. I'm Close. I'm So Close.

Thank you for your comment yesterday, Debbi. Not to be shallow (okay, maybe a tiny bit), but this one's for you...

Doesn't it feel good to get close?

Oh, right. That feels good too. But what I meant was, doesn't it feel good to get close to achieving a goal? For my whole entire cock-a-doodie life I have wanted to be a person who only had to lose 10 pounds to be considered "fit". But I've never even been close. Usually I was someone who needed to lose about 20-25 pounds. For a few miserable years, I needed to lose over 60 pounds, which just seemed impossible.

It's not impossible of course. For inspiration click here.

Yesterday I went for my body composition test, which I do every six weeks. I am now carrying the results around with me everywhere I go. (Not just on my body - I'm referring to the piece of paper I can't seem to set down!) I keep looking down at the L.E.A.N. Body System report for Hot Toddy and reading these words over and over...

"You could safely lose 8.03 pounds of fat"

I've never been so close. Once I had 11 pounds of fat to lose, but I got distracted. Then I got discouraged. Then I got depressed. Then I got further distracted, more discouraged and depressed. And so on and so on until I gained 55 pounds of fat.

I usually hate numbers. I can't do fractions, and I failed Algebra 2 in high school. But at this moment, I love doing math.

Exactly a year ago, my body fat was at 32.38%.
Yesterday, my body fat was 12.62%.

Since January 2006, I've lost 55.83 pounds of fat. I've also gained 51.83 pounds of lean body mass. That is only a difference of four pounds if you're looking at the scale (which is why I think paying attention to the scale and ignoring body composition is a mistake).

If I can lose eight pounds

When I lose eight pounds of fat, my body fat will be 10%. When I am being good (working out, watching what I eat and being careful not to drink too much), I lose an average of 1% body fat every 4-6 weeks.

When Auburn Pisces has her birthday in March, I should be around 11.62% (I will also get to meet our dear friend Pua in person!)

By the time softball season starts, and around the time The Golden Boy has his birthday, I should be at 10.62%. (But I still won't have abs like his!)

I'm attending two weddings in May. The Math Whiz and The Handsome Prince are tying the knot. Also, Juju and Metro are getting married that month. I will be celebrating these marriages with my friends, but if I work hard I will be celebrating a whole lot more!

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