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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Heroic Effort

Through heroic efforts, I managed this morning to login to "Old Blogger". What I had to do was sign into the "New Blogger" using a Gmail account. I am not on the "New Blogger" (as I reported yesterday), but I pretended I was. It was sort of like walking proudly into a private party without invitation and just acting like you are a VIP.

So here I am, for one more day. I do not know if it will work tomorrow, but I will keep trying until I manage to talk with Pony about the possibility of helping me move somewhere else. (All technical decisions must be cleared through him, because he is my personal IT advisor.)

Your comments yesterday were incredibly kind. Thanks for the encouragement!

Walking home last evening, my timing was perfect for viewing an amazing sunset. I couldn't capture the beauty of the evening on my little cell phone, but when I looked at the picture today it reminded me of an impressionist painting. I think my hands must have been shaking, but I am going to pretend I created the look on purpose using a special lens and tons of expensive photography equipment.

This is a view of the Willamette River looking south from the Burnside Bridge. My hometown often takes my breath away.

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