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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New Post! More Random Obscurity!

So today I am suddenly able to post, and I can't think of a thing to say. But I have missed blogging, so I feel I must take this opportunity to write something. Anything.

Tomorrow I am gathering some of my friends together and showing them the Gay Games VII DVD I purchased. Every time I watch it my eyes fill with tears. Some of the athlete stories are so powerful, and the footage of both the opening and closing ceremonies reminds me of the amazing thrill of actually being there.

Work today is tedious. It reminds me of the time I worked as a temp at a large consulting firm and had to spend the day scraping tiny black marks off reports after they came off the copy machine. I guess it was cheaper for them to hire a temp to scrape the ink marks off the page than it was for them to buy a better copy machine.

Once I worked as a volunteer at a Christian music festival in Kentucky. My job was to "guard" the tabernacle (chapel) at night. I was supposed to make sure nobody went inside. The door was locked, and the building was mostly empty except for some folding chairs and a podium. I could not have entered the building if I wanted to since it was locked up tight, but my job was to guard it anyway. I was armed with a flashlight, which I suppose I could have used to hit someone over the head if they tried to break in.

I hate stupid jobs. Even more, I hate people who assign others to do stupid jobs.

I'm so excited that Pua is coming for a visit next month. She is going to celebrate Auburn Pisces' birthday with us. If you haven't read Pua's blog lately, you should. She's writing again. It makes so many people so happy.

I have sent two thank you notes this year. I never send thank you notes, but I am working on being a better and more thoughtful friend.

Also, this year I have cooked three things that tasted good. Seriously! I made crab cakes, and I made a low-fat oven "fried" chicken. Then I made some really tasty Brussels sprouts with Parmesan, which was harder than it sounds. Until I became the proud owner of The Joy of Cooking, I didn't realize you were supposed to pull the outer leaves off Brussels sprouts before cooking them. That took, like, an hour. It was almost as tedious as making pancakes. Even if you hate Brussels sprouts, I think you would have liked these. I moaned with pleasure when I put one in my mouth. I never moan with pleasure when I taste my own cooking. I mean, there is usually moaning going on, but it is not pleasured moaning.

Yesterday my buddy Jesse left a comment and told me he missed out on the whole "Hot Toddy was published" story line of last fall. So, just in case there are others who missed it, here is a link to From Boys to Men: Gay Men Write About Growing Up. My story is called "The Lives and Deaths of Buffalo Butt". It is a stark and somber portrait of life from a neo-existential literary view.

Yeah, right.

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