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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Mz Ouiser commented about my dearth of posts, and she's right. I haven't written much, and the main reason is that I am just busy living life, as my friend suggested.

I often question whether it is more important for me to wait until I have time to write an entertaining post (you know - the kind of post that requires thought) or if I should just update my blog for the people who care about what's happening in my life (why?!).

In the way of updates, there's quite a bit going on. I've seen a documentary on the Dixie Chicks, attended a CD release party, watched the Oscars at CC's, and I went to a gathering for this season's new softball league players. I also recorded a podcast with Pony and stayed consistent in my workouts. Oh, and last Thursday night I sang karaoke with The Handsome Prince for the first time in months. We debuted a new duet, "Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)" from Annie Get Your Gun.

I did something else last Thursday. I accidentally cancelled my text messaging on my cell phone account. I mean, I made the phone call to Cingular on purpose, and I intended to cancel an extraneous service, but in my enthusiasm to save money I didn't realize I was canceling pretty much every feature on my plan. Basically I changed my cell phone from a functional communications device into a large timepiece.

Nobody could reach me, but I always knew what time it was.

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