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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Darts and Rocks

My latest obsessions include Dragostea din tei, the elliptical trainer, The Satellite Sisters and darts.

I could play darts five hours a day and be happy. The Handsome Prince taught me how to play a month or two ago, and I love it. I've only played on the electronic dartboard, but I would someday like to try playing on a classic dartboard with steel darts.

Last night I dropped by CC Slaughters after I finished recording the podcast with Pony. I think people must have worn themselves out on Mardi Gras, because there were only a couple customers there. That's why the Toddtender was able to play darts with me in between serving his customers. He would come over and throw his round of darts, rush back over to the bar to serve patrons, and then come back for more darts.

I don't see Darts listed on the website for Gay Games 2010 in Cologne, so I may have to participate in Softball. However, there is a Climbing event and I happen to live a few blocks away from the Portland Rock Gym. It would be so convenient to train, if I can get the courage to sign up for an introductory class.

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