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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Brothers and Sisters

Last night our Pub Quiz team won the first quiz at CC Slaughters. We were The Streeps, and the theme of the night was Saturday Night Live. We split the pot. (Money, not weed.)

The best part was that we each got a copy of Brothers and Sisters, season one, on DVD. I have wanted to see this show since it started but haven't had the chance. Now I can watch the whole season. I just love doing that - watching an entire season over a weekend and having no commercial interruptions. This will be fun!

Pub Quiz is a fun game and goes way beyond just standard trivia. It creates great interaction with friends and turns a night at the bar into more than just drinking and casual chatting. You get to know people better. Who new that my friend Matty had so much knowledge about SNL?! And Tiara Desmond is one of the smartest people I know, because all our answers matched. The Toddtender seemed to excel at questions involving fashion, sex or drugs. And while I knew random stuff like questions involving Yiddish or Gwyneth Paltrow, I failed miserably at identifying my own birthstone. I was sure the October birthstone was pink (rose) quartz. Thankfully, Matty stuck to his guns and wrote the correct answer - opal.

Speaking of birthstones - in less than one week I will be 41. If you don't believe me I'll show you my driver's license!

Hot Toddy at 40

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