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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

Yesterday, a Mexican-American person convinced me to drink vodka with green food coloring in it. Why I allowed this non-Irish person to influence my celebrations, I can't explain. Mexican-Americans are very convincing people and have been known to talk me into drinking strange drinks and into sleeping with them (not always after drinking strange drinks).

I did not enjoy the drink when it was green. I chose to have only 2 green vodkas with club soda. The other 14 were crystal clear, just the way I like them. See, I am one of those people who firmly believes food coloring is not tasteless. I'm not talking about taste in the sense of class. Because it would be very hard to argue that food coloring is classy. What I'm saying is that I believe things taste different with food coloring. I think it has a flavor. Yes, ma'am or sir, I know that you don't think food coloring has a taste. Several people at the bar challenged me on this as well. My own father spent many years explaining to me that you can't taste food coloring. He said I taste it psychologically or something.

Many have argued this subject with me in the past. People feel very passionately about food coloring. Please, if you are going to comment today on this hot button issue, do not flame others or use harsh language. Keep it civil, people.

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