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Monday, May 08, 2006

Good Things

Here are a few good things that happened to me this weekend:

1. My ex sent me a picture of our dog along with a card that said, "I think of you often" - It was really sweet. It has been a long time since CT contacted me.

2. World of Warcraft was especially fun this weekend as I continued to level up two of my characters. For those not familiar with "leveling up" - it means that I gained new skills, additional spells and increased the overall strength of my characters. In gay terms, it's like losing 10 pounds and getting three or four phone numbers at the bar in one night. The experience is not comparable to actually sleeping with someone. I will not experience that thrill until I reach level 40 and am able to buy a mount. How appropriate.

3. We raised about 1000 bucks at our party on Friday night. My team can party, I tell you. I love them so much - they've got heart! Anyway, Jell-O shots sold out in about an hour. We sold tons of raffle tickets, measured lots of inseams, and I became a stripper pole for a super hot teammate on the dance floor. (Better than leveling up - not as good as a mount)

4. Unlike the last time we played against them, this time we beat the Gay Men's Chorus 10-2. Suck on THAT. (My buddy on the team actually said that he felt beating them was almost better than sex - so I guess it was sort of like he acquired a mount)

5. It was really cold at the games. The day was rainy and windy, so the Toddtender snuggled with me for a couple minutes as we tried to keep each other warm. (Yeah, that was probably almost as good as a mount)

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Anonymous said...

It's about time you guys beat the choir... If you lose next time, I wouldn't tell anyone...