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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Under the Porch

Last night I had a dream that I invented a new kind of fire that wasn't hot. I was really excited about this invention, but nobody could understand what a heatless fire could be used for. I told them all, "You can use it for light!!"

The symbolism of this dream is quite obvious to me. My fire is almost out right now. I feel empty and need to recharge. Jokingly, I told Ms. Karma the other day, "I have too many friends."

That sounds awful. I was joking, but at times I do feel like I can't possibly spend anymore time with another person. I vant to be left alone....

Yesterday I wrote about how nobody should be lonely. But sometimes a person should be alone. I'm craving it so much. Last night as I talked to Apollo about it, my eyes actually filled with tears. I'm so tired of people. For no particular reason, I guess.

Somteimes, when I am like this, I can't even take an elevator if other people are on it. Instead, I will wait for an empty one.

Sometimes, when I am like this, I have an overwhelming urge to check into a hotel for a night and not tell anybody where I went. I want to order room service and pull the drapes shut.

I'm not sad. Really, I'm not. I just feel like hiding somewhere. I feel like crawling under a porch in Mancato and living there like Albert Ingalls, but I don't want to get that dirty.

Maybe I should see if Auburn Aries will let me use her treehouse.

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