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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What Would Renee Do?

A year ago I found myself wondering what Renee Zellweger would think of me.

Today I was thinking about Renee and her ex, Kenny. Renee handled the end of that relationship with class, and what's good enough for Renee is good enough for me. Besides, do any of us really want to endure another round of weeping and gnashing of teeth on this blog? I sure don't.

So, to make Renee Zellweger proud of me, I'll just say that I am single again. It was not a mutual decision, but the relationship I was in seemed to be a different one than the one Thor was in. When he left, everything changed, as I feared it would. I love him very much, but one phone call a month (maximum) doesn't make me feel special.

Since I no longer have any way of contacting him, I can't even talk about this decision with him. Yes, it hurts like hell and I feel lied to and fucked over (okay, Renee probably wouldn't say that, but I'm doing my best here...)

I guess the situation was summarized quite well last evening when I had this conversation with a friend who recently popped back into my life...

W: So, does this mean Thor and you are no longer together?

HT: I guess so.

W: Oh. So, does that mean we can have sex?

HT: I guess so. Sometime.

W: Cool.

HT: But I don't want a relationship.

W: Perfect.

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