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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hot Toddy Becomes Polyamorous (almost)

Last night I met a very beautiful boy, J, who talked to me about his relationship with his partner. They are looking to bring a third person into the relationship, and we discussed what that would be like for me whoever they choose to join them. We talked about it for hours.

Honestly, I've never thought for a second I could do something like that. But when I went home I couldn't get to sleep. I kept thinking about my talk with that guy, and I started fantasizing...

Obviously, there would be some challenges. I think I am too possessive and not trusting enough. I have never been anything but monogamous with my partners. I can't even seriously date two guys at the same time. I have a friend who was in a similar type of relationship, and it got quite messy.

But if I were in a polyamorous relationship there would be some great benefits.

Double gifts - I'd get Christmas and birthday presents from both of my lovers.

Food - I'm sure at least one of my husbands would know how to cook. I could eat again. Like, real food.

Cuddling - When I am watching movies with a guy, I like to wrap myself up with him. If I watched movies with two boyfriends at once, I'd be so wrapped up and cuddled it would feel like heaven.

Double or triple the sex - With three guys in a relationship, at least one of us (me) would always be in the mood for sex.

More blog material - I could write about two relationships at once. What a zany romp that would be!

The funny thing is, when I asked J if I'd still be allowed to go to CC Slaughters and kiss boys, he frowned. He seemed troubled by my question and informed me that he and his partner would want me to be exclusive with them. It made my head spin thinking about the complications and politics.

There is only one way I will be able to make a decision about this matter. Please tell me there was an episode of Sex and the City that dealt with this!

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