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Friday, December 16, 2005

Shake it off

Okay, this is my third and final post of the day. I can't leave for the weekend with such gloomy thoughts.

Remember that a blog post is a snapshot - it is one moment in time. Things, for me anyway, can change so rapidly, as my buddy Donnie points out in a recent comment.

This afternoon, the clouds are parting. I have a chance tonight to hang out with a great guy. We met a year ago at a Christmas party, and we're going to that same party tonight. Willie has been such a good friend to me since we started hanging out again. He makes me laugh, which is not so easy to do these days. His energy rubs off on me. So tonight should be a fun night.

I worked out three days this week, and I still have the weekend to get one or two more workouts in. I'm working on a submission for a book of essays (somewhat against my will - Juju won't let up on me!), and I have a whole weekend ahead of me (with a chance of an ice storm Monday that may close our office building?!)

So, I see no need to leave for the weekend all down in the mouth. If I could give every single person who reads this blog a hug, I would. And some of you would get a kiss.

With tongue? Hell, yeah.

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