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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Moving (and moving and moving)

Friday night I attended a party with Willie and was definitely able to shake off stress. I'm happy that we've reconnected. On Saturday he helped me move my bed from the loft (yes, I'm still moving) to my new home at Auburn Pisces' pad.

Here is the Cliff Notes version of my moving experiences this year:

In July I started moving into the loft and out of The Handsome Prince's house. Thor started packing for his move in July too. We talked about the possibility of my moving to California to be with him, so I got rid of almost all my furniture. I didn't even keep pots and pans. (Idiot!)

In August I finished moving stuff into the loft. Thor left some stuff for me at Auburn Pisces' house (where he was living at the time).

In September I had to get Thor's stuff out of AP's house and into my loft.

In October I lived in the loft but slept over at AP's a few nights a week because I felt lonely.

In November I moved my stuff from the loft into AP's house (including Thor's stuff - the stuff I had just moved out of AP's house a month before).

Now it is December and I'm almost done moving out of the loft. Yes, I'm living in the same space Thor used to inhabit. Yes, it is hard. Yes, I will survive.

Speaking of surviving, that brings me back to Willie. After he left on Saturday I realized that for one entire day I hadn't felt sad. That was so good for me. It really was the first happy day I've had in a long time. Willie makes me laugh and helps keep me preoccupied.

Yesterday afternoon, Willie said he thought we'd make good roommates, and I agreed.

"But if we were roommates we couldn't have sex," he told me. "That would make things weird."

"Oh, well," I replied. "Guess we can't be roommates."

By the way, I just found out I am a 2005 Red Hot Blogger nominee. There are many good bloggers nominated, including my friend katehopeeden at Lots of Craziness. Hopefully you'll find some new favorite blogs by visiting the link.

Thanks, Red Hot Sexy Papa! Thanks to the person who nominated me too. Whoever you are, I love you.

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