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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Poultry Sidewalk Surprise

Chuckles had a curious encounter recently that is really boggling my mind. Anyone with a reasonable explanation as to why someone would lay chicken breasts outside on paper towels and just watch them, please let me or Chuckles know right away.

There is really nothing pulling at me today, so this entry will be short. In addition to the above poultry/social norm question, the only other item I have been pondering today came from an e-mail that my friend Curfew just sent.

We were having a discussion about riding a Sea-doo. She claims that she only "Sea-dooed" once. Then she corrected herself and said she has "Sea-done" once. After I finished chortling, I did some research and discovered that....

Okay, okay.

I did not do research.

I Googled the term "Sea-dooed" and found a few examples of the word's usage. No "Sea-done" though.

I prefer "rode a sea-doo" but "sea-dooed" works too. Cause if it can be found through a Google search, it's accurate.

Thanks for your interest.

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