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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Hot Toddy's Meme

Scott-o-Rama and I are on the same page today. Or, as my former boss used to say, "we are on the same plate."

In my opinion, Scott is a meme expert, so it wasn't all that surprising to me when I went to his blog and found he wrote about this topic only a couple days ago. There are probably better definitions for a meme, but my personal definition of a meme is, "read my blog entry and just copy what I write into your own blog." But the trick to a meme is that you have to change the answers, which makes it more than just copying. You have to personalize your meme.

If you would like to fan the flames of my already out of control ego, just copy this meme into your blog today. Be sure to credit me and link to me and talk about how great I am or I will fall apart. I do that sometimes. Anyway, I hope I write the best meme ever. I can't wait to see your answers!

Hot Toddy's Meme

Which song reminds you of when you worked in a drugstore in high school?
"Oh Sherry" by Journey

What is your saddest memory of being in a cult?
I hated "Breaking Sessions", in which the leaders of the cult would sit with you in a circle and try to make you break down crying about your sinfulness. I usually buckled after only two or three people voiced their criticism of my wicked heart.

What was your most embarrassing moment that happened when lube fell out of your coat pocket?
In my car this morning, when I had to explain to my housemates why I had a bottle of lube in my car. It had fallen out of my coat pocket. I had purchased the lube at a Pure Rome Ants party, but it was backordered, so I picked it up from Juju a couple days ago and just never brought it into the house.

When you were kids, why did you call your little sister "Margarita" instead of her real name?
I was trying to convince her she was adopted and that she was really a little Argentine girl left on our doorstep, even though she was a blue-eyed blonde girl who looked just like the rest of us.

What was the strangest thing you ever ate in Africa?
Crocodile meat

Do you ever think about that time you slept with your friend, the gymnast, in high school, and you were both drunk and messed around together?
Every day

Do you ever wish you had taken things further?
Every second of every day

When was the last time you came home drunk and watched a taped episode of "American Idol" and then decided to watch it backwards too so that the people who performed later got a chance to go first?
Monday night

Were you surprised when the judges were just as harsh regardless of the performance order?
Yes. Stunned.

Please think about your answers carefully. I can't wait to hear your lube and cult and gymnast stories!

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