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Friday, April 01, 2005

Ready, Willing and Abel

Sometimes, while playing canasta, I will try to distract my opponent. But Auburn Pisces is exaggerating greatly in her post about my Vortex performance last weekend.

True, I was belting out a tribute to music of The Sixties. My medley was an American Idol-worthy performance. True, I didn't stop, no matter how many times she warned me. But I completely disagree with her claim that I was jealous. I had the best cards in my hand. If The Math Whiz hadn't interrupted our game with his burning yearning need for CC Slaughters, I would have won.

If you go read her blog, you'll see she is clearly making the whole thing up. As if I would complain about a glass of Maker's Mark. Enough about that.

I am writing this during a conference call at work. As different people speak, I pull up their picture on the organizational chart so I can see what they look like. Right now I am fighting the urge to send an instant message to Abel saying, "You are so hot." That would be highly inappropriate. But as I listen to him speak, I am falling for him. I think we would be so good together.

During the introduction segment of the meeting, we were all asked to name the first album we bought with our own money. (I know. Corporate trickery in an attempt to make us think we are having fun at work. It doesn't work on me, don't worry.) Well, Abel's first album was WHAM! and mine was the soundtrack to Xanadu. If that is not a match made in heaven, I don't know what is.

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