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Monday, August 08, 2005

Crime and Punishment

Last night I engaged in some lascivious behavior with my boyfriend. I enthusiastically tried some new things I've never done before, and he was an excellent teacher. As I drifted off to sleep in Thor's arms, I visualized police cars chasing me down a dark road. I jolted awake when my mind visualized a cop car heading straight at me with its lights flashing.

I asked Thor if he was still awake so I could tell him about my dream. When I revealed my strange visions to him, he said it made sense. After all, we had so much fun last night, I almost feel like we broke a law or something.

Auburn Pisces came to the rescue last night by supplying my man with some great advice (and a nice big shot of Patron). This seemed to do the trick. The best part of playing with Thor is that he's incredibly creative. He always invents new games, and I am a willing participant. I trust him and am never scared, because I know that every game we play ends with his arms around me and his deep soothing voice whispering tender words to me.

In light of my very conservative christian upbringing, I am rather proud of my willingness to try new things and "break laws". The laws I'm referring to were instilled in me by people who meant well, but they weren't necessarily right in their teachings. Sometimes sex can feel dangerous, and that's okay. Not only okay. It's wonderful. I'm glad I have friends who encourage me to branch out and try new things. Juju has always been incredibly supportive and encouraging when it comes to giving advice. Between her and Auburn Pisces, I feel like I have two of the best counselors a guy could ever hope for.

I have only a few more days with Thor before he goes away for a while. And damn it, I plan to go out with a bang. Maybe I will even get arrested by the morality police.

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