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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Nobody ever looks for a long distance relationship (LDR) do they? I mean, it has to be the most inconvenient type of relationship I've ever known. You can't just pick up the phone randomly to call, especially if your boyfriend refuses to get a cell phone. I mostly have to wait for him to call.

I take notes about things I want to remember to tell Thor. The cards I'm sending him always contain news that is several days old, and he usually calls before I mail the cards, so I end up telling him everything on the phone.

Thor has called me every single day since he left. He is sweet and supportive and understanding. I am crazy and miserable and paranoid. He sounds very happy, at least from what I can hear between my sobs and raging. Still, he keeps calling. He must love me a lot.

I'm starting to understand why everyone on Survivor cries when they get letters from home. I always thought the survivors were being a bit overdramatic after having only been away from their loved ones for a few weeks.

Thanks to those of you who have sent cheerful comments and e-mails. They are helping to encourage me more than you know!

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