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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gay Games Tickets

I just received word that tickets for the Gay Games Opening and Closing ceremonies have been discounted 10%. Visit the link if you plan on attending and haven't yet purchased your tickets.

"Guests for the ceremonies include Cyndi Lauper, Megan Mullally, Margaret Cho, Jody Watley, Kate Clinton, Kristine W, DJ Frankie Knuckles, BETTY and, just announced, Erasure's Andy Bell."

I never thought I'd see Jody Watley once in my life, let alone twice in one summer. Jody performed at the PRIDE block party this year in downtown Portland.

I'll be leaving for Chicago in just a little over two weeks, and I'm feeling totally unprepared. Financially, I'm about to plunge myself into some serious debt. But I figured that attending the games will be one of the most memorable experiences in my life.

I'm going to pack all my magazines (Poets & Writers, Details) and a couple books I have been meaning to finish (No Plot? No Problem! How to Write a Novel in 30 Days). I'm going to relax on the shores of Lake Michigan, and I'm going to sit at a cafe for two hours and watch people. I'll visit the museums and eat at some great restaurants and meet new friends. And I'll do it all without a boyfriend. Yay me.

This trip is a gift I am giving myself to celebrate the man I've become since that guy I was in love with broke my heart. I now have a new love, and it's me. I am becoming the man I would like to date instead of seeking him somewhere else.

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Jeff Adair said...

"Thatta gurrrl..."

Good for you Toddy. Enjoy!