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Monday, June 05, 2006

Hot Toddy's Theme Song

"Would you spare a minute? Give me a single chance to look in your eyes. Let me hold your hands. I want to get close enough to read you - understand you.
Open up your heart. Open up your mind. Nobody needs another stalker in your life. I'm only here to help you learn to love me - to know me..."

If you are a thirteen-year-old girl, you will love this post. You will be, like, totally feeling me. In fact, as you'll see in a moment, it is your lucky week, Thirteen-Year-Old Girl!!

Finally, I've found my theme song. The one that plays over the opening credits of the tv show about my life that God watches. (He's a fan) Sometimes I do a cooking show for God, but I'm primarily known for my starring role in this comedy that's been on for several years. The Hot Toddy Show is a show about this guy who falls in love with strangers and then completely gives these guys his whole heart - lets them do with it what they will. It's not that he just really likes or develops a crush on these people. He falls for them - hard! Love at first sight is experienced on a weekly basis, and zaniness ensues!

If you had been driving on Southeast Powell Avenue in Portland this morning, you'd have seen a big white Ford Tundra with the windows rolled down. From inside the truck, you'd have heard Natasha Bedingfield's song The One That Got Away playing over and over and over. I put my theme song on repeat and realized it is not just my current favorite song. It will be one of my all-time favorites, I promise you.

"Got so many questions - feelings I can't explain. We're worlds apart. Don't even know your name. I'm longing to give you my heart..."

I get the same feeling when I hear this song that I get when I hear Don't Go Breakin My Heart or Whenever I Call You Friend. Decades have come and gone since they were recorded, yet I still blast the radio whenever either of those songs play. The One That Got Away, known as "Tontga" on British fan forums, starts with a sexy slow groove. The chorus has a great melody and an upbeat, albeit simplistic, rhythm. The kind we white people can dance to quite nicely, thank you very much.

I have decided to declare this week Natasha Bedingfield week on Hot Toddy's Toaster Oven. (Is he kidding? I think he's kidding? He wouldn't do a whole week of Natasha Bedingfield, would he? He's never even given The Rock a whole week on his blog...)

"I need a hook, so you won't be the one that got away,
I need a look that stuns you, makes you want to stay.
Don't wanna speak in case it comes out wrong,
Don't wanna blink cause in that second you could be gone."

I want this song played at every one of my birthday parties for the rest of my life. And at my wedding. And at my funeral.

"I need a twist to help me turn the story 'round, I need a bridge to cross this dangerous ground.
Meet me in the middle like I want you to. I got to find your heart to shoot my arrow through.

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Anonymous said...

Toddy, Toddy... A Tundra's a Toyota, not a Ford. . .