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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

V for Vacuous

This morning I checked iTunes to see if Todd & Pony Show was listed, and here it is. You can actually go to iTunes Music Store and search Todd & Pony to download our podcast (and maybe, if you feel like it, give us a review?)

Last night we recorded show #2, and Pony is editing that right now. It should be up in the next couple days. The second show will be better. We had an actual outline this time and were much more relaxed during our recording session. I am having so much fun, but my mistakes, as you all know from reading all about my "Ford Tundra" on this blog, are frequent. (In comments, Karen pointed out that Airborne Rangers are Army guys, not Air Force. So yesterday's post was chock full of misconception!)

In the podcast we recorded last night, I said that I was going to see a movie this week with Zeroes. The movie I am going to see does not, in fact, exist. I said that we were going to see V is for Vigilance. The movie is actually called V for Vendetta.

I did find some interesting sermon notes about V is for Vigilance, though, so maybe I will pretend that I meant to say Zeroes and I were going to church together instead of going to a movie. I don't know if anybody will buy that.

Zeroes is an amazing friend, and I'm lucky to have him. Sunday night we had a very moving talk about integrity, and he touched my heart with what he shared. He wrote more about that subject in his blog. It makes me sad when people do not value his gifts, intelligence and wonderful heart. I, for one, consider him a person worthy of looking up to for inspiration.

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