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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Very Refined Evening with Hot Toddy

The Handsome Prince celebrated his birthday Saturday night, but I got more attention than he did, so it was still fun. We went to a cool restaurant called Montage. They specialize in Cajun food and Mac-n-cheese. I had the sun-dried tomato mac-n-cheese, but I really lusted over Thor's blackened chicken. As a vegetarian, I often lust over my friends' food, but eating animals makes me feel guilty unless I'm drunk. I wasn't drunk, so I just sat there and lusted over Thor. I mean - his food.

Anyway - at the end of the meal, the servers wrap your unfinished portion in foil and make sculptures. Several of the guys at the table received aluminum foil lilies or swans or giraffes. Huge, impressive, sometimes phallic (to me, at least) sculptures arrived at our table. Then they brought mine. It was a mouse. A silly stupid tiny unimpressive mouse. So I smashed it.

Monday, when I reheated my sun-dried tomato mac-n-cheese, it was just a ball of food. I had smashed the mouse so well, that it became a dough ball. It still tasted good.

After we ate, we went to sing karaoke, but I didn't smash anything while I was there. Well, actually, I did smash someone against the wall in the men's room and did some fun stuff with him. I think if you are someone reading Hot Toddy's Toaster Oven for the first time, you must be under the impression that I am a very classy guy. I know I seem like a very mature and refined individual, but I am able to cut loose now and then. Stick around. You'll see.

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