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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Check Your Props

Today I went for my morning coffee break, but I had to bring a prop with me since the Director of our department was hanging out in my work area. Fortunately, a training book I ordered arrived this morning from Amazon.com, so I emptied the box and carried it with me on break. In the elevator bank, I saw the VP of Something Important. He looked down at my package (no, not that one) and said, "Oh, you're delivering books."

"That's right," I answered as I looked down at the empty box. "I am Book Boy."

It wasn't a witty reply. I am awful at engaging in small talk with people who could pay off my entire student loan with one of their paychecks. But I am proud of myself for being devious and pulling one over on these self-important wealthy people. That gives me great joy.

When Juju starts work here next Monday, I must remember to train her to always carry an office prop when she takes a break so it looks like she's working. If you have a helpful tip for the new girl, please share it with me, and I'll be sure to incorporate it into the rigorous training I plan to put her through.

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hbjock said...

Hahhaha you're so funny... it's a shame I couldn't get away with that kind of stuff at my job. I just stand around and do crowd control.. so I can't pick up stuff and look like I'm working =)