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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hey, you...

Yeah, you. The guy who stole my heart. I want you to know you've stamped your soul and your blue eyes and your enormous laugh into the center of my being. I hear your name in my head over and over. I love your name so much - the way it is spelled, the way it sounds coming from my mouth, the uniqueness of it.

I can still imagine your smell. The shirt of yours that I sleep with has lost your scent, but my memory is strong. Oh, and I also bought the same body wash that you use, so maybe that's part of why I can still smell you.

When I miss you, I feel weak. But I am really doing pretty well, all things considered. I just wish I could tell you every single day that I love you so much. As you said, even if I suddenly lost the power of speech, you'd still know I love you and would never need to hear me say it again.

Remember that one afternoon when we looked through a box of your old cards and letters? You let me read some pretty personal stuff. Then I handed you my journal and said you could open it up and read any entry you wanted. That's the day you found out about a secret encounter I had with - well, you know. I was embarrassed, because I had never told you about him and I. But you just laughed at me and kept reading with a big smile on your face. I loved you even more after that moment.

Later that afternoon, you grabbed me and said we were going out to clean our cars. While you cleaned out your truck, I moaned and groaned about having to clean my car for the first time in, like, years. But when we finished, I felt so great. Thank you for making me do that.

Today I am missing your sexy forearms. I would love to fall asleep feeling the hair of your forearm next to my cheek. I miss everything about you, but that's what I'm remembering at this moment.

You're the most unique man I have ever met. I feel crazy quoting Dionne Warwick, but I really do know I'll never love this way again. I will see you soon, baby, but not soon enough!

I know where I stand in your heart. You know where you stand in mine. I miss you.

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