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Monday, September 19, 2005

Hot Toddy Gets Irritated

So, I get back to my blog after a couple days off and find that things have been pretty crazy! Cruella DeVille left a bunch of mean comments, told lies, and hated on everybody. Then people jumped to my defense. Then I deleted Cruella's ridiculous statements. But do you know what the most irritating thing is??

WTF was up with that Emmy Idol television theme segment last night!? Ridiculous.

Maybe it is because the last time I watched an awards show I was safe in the arms of the man I love. Or maybe I'm irritated because there was not enough Ellen last night. I expected the producers to utilize her talents to make the show hilarious, but, alas, she was almost a minor player in the show that should have been hers.

But back to the theme song "contest". Of course Donald Trump in overalls singing the theme from Green Acres with Megan Mullally won. Donald Trump in overalls is comedy gold, dontchaknow. But if we never hear the theme song from Fame again, it will be too soon. I liked the rendition of The Jeffersons, but nobody wore overalls (that would be racist, wouldn't it?) and the Star Trek theme was just awful. William Shatner teamed up with, I guess, the woman who played Captain Kirk in the original series (I'm not Trekkanese; I have no idea).

So some random ignoramus leaves mean comments and spreads lies. That's a minor irritant that can be swatted away like a pesky gnat. But American Idol ripoffs on the Emmy Awards? Now that is something to get irritated about!

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