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Monday, February 13, 2006

My Valentine

I am just writing to say Happy Valentines Day. I've never written you one before, and I'm sorry it has taken me so long.

I have searched for many years hoping to find you, and I am so happy that I'm finally getting to know you. You really are an incredible man, and there are so many who look up to you. You are talented and beautiful and kind.

Those who know you best realize that your love is authentic and truthful. You live your life exposed and vulnerable. If you get hurt, you never let it stop you from giving your heart again and again. It's just the way you're built. You never give up on love.

I know that for a long time, years and years, you haven't thought of yourself as anything special. You have longed to be somebody else. Anybody else. In fact, I remember for many years you hated yourself. Really and truly hated yourself. I'm so glad those days are behind you. I'm glad that you are finally being kind to yourself, and you've figured out that you can't neglect your own happiness in your efforts to make everyone else happy.

And you do make people happy. You know you do, because you hear it almost every day. Sometimes you still don't see it, but in your heart you know it's true. You are uniquely gifted with a talent for making people feel good inside. You can make them laugh when they're hurting, and you can make them feel loved when they're lonely.

You have looked all over the planet for a person that you can love with your whole heart. It has been a lonely and frustrating search.

Finally, you're understanding that nobody is more worthy of your love and affection and respect than you.

Happy Valentines Day, Hot Toddy!

From, Hot Toddy

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