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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Something's Coming

I have never owned a computer before. Well, there was the green iMac that CT bought for us in 1999, but most people agree that doesn't count. All of my blogging, surfing and e-mailing takes place throughout my workday when time allows. I've written two plays, several comedy sketches and a couple articles at work over the past several years.

So you can imagine my excitement at receiving the above notification in my e-mail today? The luxury of having a computer at home will change my life.

Auburn Pisces told me to stop feeling guilty about charging it. "You're a writer, for god's sake. You need a computer!"

Soon I will be able to access some great blogs that are blocked by our firewall at the office. (I have no idea why these particular blogs are blocked and others aren't)

I'll have 24x7 access to e-mail and instant messaging. I will be able to upload pictures from the digital camera I'll eventually buy. I can finally get an iPod so I'll understand what all the fuss is about.

I'll be able to check out personals, profiles and porn whenever I want.

I'm going to do nothing but download music (Kiks sends me music all the time and I can never listen to it!) and watch media clips for days on end.

World of Warcraft awaits. Life is good.

What are some sites I should visit? Share your favorite link with me! The more obscure, the better...

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